About Us

The Crossroads Angling Auction Team

The world of collectible angling artifacts is broad, far too broad for any one person or even a few people to be expert in all that it encompasses. When dealing solely with the category of reels alone there are hundreds of makers, thousands of models and often many variations of each. Then, of course, there are rods, lures, books, art, creels, decoys, advertising, flies, fly reservoirs, catalogs, bobbers, nets, gaffs and all of the paraphernalia that comes along with angling, such as knives, fly tying vises and gadgets of all types. Crossroads Angling Auction has assembled a team of eleven experts, some specialists in a particular field and others with a somewhat broad knowledge base, in order to assure that each item auctioned is correctly identified and accurately described.

  • Steve Starrantino | President and Cataloguer

    Steve, the founder and owner of Crossroads Angling Auction, has served the angling community since 1988 by offering rare, old and out-of-print books, catalogs, artwork, flies and other paper-related ephemera such as letters from famous anglers. His company, Armchair Angler, had produced twenty-six paper catalogs, when in 2004 Steve offered his clients the first email catalog with multiple pictures for each item. In 2007 Steve cataloged John Moore’s Derrydale Press library for Lang’s. This was the most complete collection of Derrydale Press books and ephemera ever to come to auction. Many records were set, including the highest price paid for an American angling book as well as multiple records for single volumes. Steve has written numerous magazine articles covering antique tackle auctions and collecting.

  • William Kennedy | Cataloguer

    Bill has been a long time member of the NFLCC and ORCA, and a collector and dealer of fishing tackle for over 20 years. He has purchased and sold numerous lures in almost every category of lure collecting from pre-1900 metal lures to the 50’s era Saltwater lures. He is very familiar with lures and lure boxes made by the majority of smaller miscellaneous lure makers as well as those made by more popular makers such as Heddon, Shakespeare, Pfleuger, South Bend, and Creek Chub. His attendance at lure shows and auctions across the country and his continuous tracking of internet sales over many years has given him a keen sense of lure rarity, values, and value trends.

  • Fred Grafeld | Cataloguer

    Owing to a fascination with bamboo fly rods in the early 1970s, Fred founded the original VINTAGE TACKLE in 1979. Primarily collecting and selling fly rods, his interest turned to vintage reels manufactured by Hardy Brothers, Alnwick, England, and he began traveling to the major English auction houses for tackle auctions, importing a large number of rare Hardy items to the US. In 2001 Fred decided it was time to take a rest from VINTAGE TACKLE and resume fishing and traveling. Today VINTAGE TACKLE exists as a consultant-type resource, but Fred has maintained his contacts with collectors and usually can be found working with Grauer’s Fine Fly Tackle as well as joining the Crossroads staff prior to the initial auction in October 2012.

  • Ed Carbonneau | IT Specialist

    As owner of The Cane Connection throughout much of the 1980s and 1990s, Ed collected and sold antique fly fishing tackle of the highest caliber. Having worked as a sales representative for various manufacturers, Ed has vast experience as a fly-fishing guide and instructor. Ed has an extensive background in IT and is employed by one of the East Coast largest media giants.

  • Bob Corsetti | Consultant

    Bob, proprietor of The Peerless Reel Company, has been involved with collectible fly-fishing equipment for more than twenty years, publishing nearly fifty collectible tackle sales catalogs while also acting as appraiser for several auction houses. In this time Bob has described and appraised thousands of rods and reels, developing a keen eye for what is original and what is not.

  • Bob Mead | Consultant

    Bob has been tying for more than sixty years and has been widely credited with the popularization of the realistic fly, even though he is long preceded by innovators such as Louis Rhead and William Blades. It was in 1967 that Bob tied his first stick fly, as a lark. Since then his praying mantis, mosquito, water scorpion and other creative patterns have inspired many to try realistic tying. Bob has examined thousands of antique flies, and although he believes no-one can definitively lay claim to who tied a particular fly without proper provenance, he can provide a highly educated guess based on his vast experience. Bob has written columns and articles for books, magazines and newspapers around the world on flies and fly-tying.

  • Ed Pritchard | Consultant

    Ed spent several years as a consultant and buyer for Bass Pro Shops, helping the group to acquire thousands of vintage fishing, hunting and sports-related artifacts for decorating its stores. He started collecting antique tackle in the mid-1980s, specializing in big-game and saltwater tackle. He was the International Game Fish Association’s (IGFA) antique fishing consultant for its new 60,000 sq ft Hall of Fame and Museum in Florida and spent over a year assembling artifacts. Ed was also the curator for an IGFA-hosted show featuring the largest collection of Zane Grey’s personal tackle ever assembled. He was a founding member of the Florida Antique Fishing Tackle Collectors’ Club, spending two terms as president, and a was a founding member of the Old Fishing Reel Collectors’ Club, he has also hosted their national convention. He co-authored the book Fin-Nor the Legacy Years in 2007 and he has written for major sporting magazines worldwide.

  • Len Codella | Consultant

    Len Codella started buying, selling and trading in fine fishing tackle and collectible sporting items back in the mid-1960′s. Len Codella’s Anglers Den, a fly fishing catalog house and fly shop was born in the late 1960′s and by the early 1970′s after the demise of William Mills & Son, they became the largest seller of H.L. Leonard rods from 1972-74 accounting for 60% of their rod sales. He has enjoyed being a Partner, President, Buyer, Catalog Publisher, Rod Designer, Sales Manager and often, Head Janitor, at Thomas & Thomas Rodmakers from 1975 until 1991. Now-a-days Len still has his hand in vintage tackle and the buying and selling of it and enjoying the bass fishing at his home in Florida.

  • Marc Aroner | Consultant

    Marc is an internationally renowned bamboo rod maker with forty years experience, having gotten his start in the early 1970s at the then-fledgling Thomas & Thomas Rod Company. He later moved to the Leonard Rod Company with Tom Maxwell. In the early 1980s Marc left Leonard and began building rods under his own name, refining the modern Catskill-style rods that would become his trademark, cutting them on the famed Leonard beveller which he acquired when the company closed. When not at his workbench, he can usually be found on a salmon river with his black Labrador in tow. Marc is the proprietor of the Spinoza Rod Company.

  • Per Brandin | Consultant

    Per, one of the world’s most respected bamboo rod makers, has been building split-cane rods since 1983 and has bought, sold and studied bamboo rods since the early 1970s. Beyond his primary occupation as a rod maker, Per manages a business selling classic rods and reels. With thirty-eight years’ experience as maker, collector and dealer, Per has a broad perspective on the classic rod marketplace. He spent a dozen years building rods on the West Coast, giving him particular insight into classic western builders such as EC Powell and RL Winston, while he has also acquired deep knowledge of east coast makers Payne, Eustis Edwards and HL Leonard as well as Paul Young in the Midwest.

  • Roger Still | Consultant

    Roger started collecting old tackle as a teenager in the 1970s, advertising throughout the UK and developed a particular interest in older English reels and lures. Now, as a dealer, Roger buys and sells quality British antique tackle and acts as an appraiser for specialist auction houses. Roger’s area of expertise is Hardy fly reels, ancient brass winches and Nottingham patterns, which blends well with his knowledge of pre-1930 fishing tackle and the crossover with USA and British import/export models. Roger has contributed to tackle collecting books since the 1980s and is a regular writer for Classic Angling magazine.

  • Drew Holl | Consultant | In Memoriam 1936-2015

    Drew has been a collector and purveyor of sporting art for over forty-five years. In the 1970s and 1980s Drew served as president of Crossroads of Sport, the oldest sporting art gallery in The United States. Today he owns a sporting art consulting firm, Drew Holl Associates, which also assembles sporting art, book, decoys and gun collections for private clients. Drew has been a consultant for or advisor to the Kansas City Wildlife Art Show, Southeastern Wildlife Art Expo, Waterfowl Festival, Petersen Publishing and 3M and Ducks Unlimited. Drew was also guest curator for the National Museum of Wildlife Art.